Our organization wants to contribute to all mothers, newborns and medical professionals who are concerned about their safety and health. We promote the health of the women and newborns, and that is our primary goal.

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Certificates and certification

National Association of Women’s Health Nurses is not a certified organization. Therefore, we don’t provide certificates. But, we help individuals prepare and successfully pass their exams.


We offer a variety of educational courses and programs to improve the abilities and knowledge of our attendants. You can attend one of many webinars or come to our lectures.

Online learning center

We divide our recourses into different groups, and they are adjusted towards our clients’ needs. All our members can visit the learning center and find useful information there, whether you are just starting with this profession if you are a medical professional.


Once a month we organize seminars which are very useful for all members of our organization. In most cases, we have prestigious guests from the healthcare industry, and you can learn many valuable things from them. 

How To Join

To become a member of our organization you are required to be a certified nurse. We currently have more than 10.000 representatives working in women’s health. You can look at the prices on our website and join today.

Our Advantages

Access to our award-winning journals

Our organization has access to top-world journals which can help you improve your skills and always be up to date regarding new trends.

Free educational resource and tools

40+ free webinars and other easily accessible forms of clinical education on essential topics, involving fetal heart monitoring. For more information visit our website.


if you recruit new members or colleagues to become new members you are eligible to receive exciting rewards. Depending on the number of people you contract, the award will be higher.

Career center

Whether you are looking for a new job, internship or professional improvement, you have a chance to use our career center. It provides you a lot of recourses and tools required for your professional development.

Our blog

For more information, make sure to visit our blog. We publish daily, and our articles contain many useful recommendations regarding healthcare professionals and their role. You can find many beneficial topic and you can participate in our research and making of the articles.